Hail’s Impact on Your Roof

These summer storms have taken their toll on roofs in the Twin Cities. The latest storm was even reported to have caused the most widespread damage in years. From ping pong ball size to significantly larger baseball size hail, our homes really took a beating. Hail can have various effects on your roof, depending onContinue reading “Hail’s Impact on Your Roof”

Best Type of Siding for Minnesota’s Climate

As the U.S. has many unique climactic qualities, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all option for siding. However, whether you live in the humid weather of Florida, the dry heat of Arizona, or below zero temps in Minnesota, there is an optimal siding option for your home. So, what is the best, most effective, and efficient sidingContinue reading “Best Type of Siding for Minnesota’s Climate”

Vinyl Siding Maintenance and Care

Vinyl siding doesn’t only look great on your house; it brings great value. It is a reliable and stunning type of exterior siding offering the lowest life cycle cost over a home’s life. And, while vinyl siding is designed to reduce the need for upkeep, minimal maintenance does need to be done to ensure itContinue reading “Vinyl Siding Maintenance and Care”

When Is It Time to Replace Your Siding?

The average lifespan of siding is dependent on the type of material, the installation process, and its surrounding climate and its elements. But, you can keep your siding in its best shape over the years by performing annual inspections (simply walking around your home to look closely, from multiple angles, for anything that may needContinue reading “When Is It Time to Replace Your Siding?”