About 22nd Century Roofing | Golden Valley, MN Roofing Contractor

We are here to solve a problem, not sell you on something or push a service.

Through his years of experience in the construction industry, 22nd Century Roofing’s CEO/General Manager, Adam Dyson, learned many things. Among the most important: What it means to listen to and help people make fully informed decisions, and build a business founded on honesty, trust, and integrity.

22nd Century Roofing is the product of he and our team not being set in our ways. We are excited about and dedicated to continuous learning and improvement with a future-focused mindset. Our goal is to exceed today’s expectations of how leaders lead, business is done, projects are installed, and teams are managed.

We hold ourselves to a high ethical standard believe the most essential part of meeting with a homeowner is for us to do our research on the property and project so we are informed and can help make the decision that’s right for you, your family, and your home. It is our responsibility as a contractor to present all options available, leave the pressure of signing a contract on the spot out of the equation, and ensure you feel happy and comfortable with your decision.

Our team brings a collective background of experience in construction, sales, marketing, project management, technology, and business strategy and planning. And we are looking forward to meeting and learning more about you and your project!

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