6 Steps to Winterizing Your Roof

With winter almost basically here, all homeowners need to take precautions to help the longevity and condition of their roofs during the cold and snowy season.

  • Inspect and Repair
    • Yes, some roof damage can be seen from the ground level, but the best way to find and assess potential damage is by actually getting up on the roof to take a closer look. From this view, you are more likely and able to spot minor damage or weak spots – minor damage can lead to bigger problems after a significant snowfall. Keep an eye out for caulk that is wrinkled or missing and loose or missing flashings – these should be replaced to help keep your roof in its best working condition.
  • Clean roof and gutters (and downspouts)
    • Hopefully, you have prepared your gutters for fall by now (but who expected snow in October?!), but inspecting your gutters isn’t just a fall chore. It’s best to recheck them before winter hits. If there are any repairs left unaddressed, melting snow won’t drain properly and build up in gutters and/or downspouts, causing problems for your roof and home.
  • Trim Tree Limbs
    • Snow is heavier than it looks when lightly falling from the sky. Trim tree limbs hanging over your house that may break and fall under the weight of snow and ice. By doing this, you are helping to prevent damage and save yourself and roof from an emergency repair.
  • Check your attic
    • Does your attic have proper ventilation? If not, there is a chance the space will develop mold, mildew, and/or other problems that are harmful to not only the health of your family but the health of your house – including spreading to the roof!
  • Look for Interior Damage
    • Be sure to check the ceilings in your home for water stains or anything else that may indicate leaks in or other damage to your roof. Spotting these damages early on can help prevent added expenses, emergency repairs, or problems in your home, especially during the winter season.
  • Schedule A Professional Roof Inspection
    • After inspecting your roof and gutters and identifying any problem areas, it’s a good idea to reach out to a roofing and gutter expert to decide how to adequately address the issues and prepare your home for the winter. If you need a professional inspection and estimate for any roofing or gutter repairs or replacements, we’d be happy to come out, chat with you, take a look, and provide that estimate. Text, email, or call us today!

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