How Snow and Ice Impact Your Roof

Winter is here, and with it comes snow and ice that can cause severe damage to your roof. One of the best ways to help prevent the following damages is to perform self-inspections before and after the winter season. This includes winterizing your roof and preparing your gutters. In addition to these necessary preventive measures,Continue reading “How Snow and Ice Impact Your Roof”

When Is It Time to Replace Your Siding?

The average lifespan of siding is dependent on the type of material, the installation process, and its surrounding climate and its elements. But, you can keep your siding in its best shape over the years by performing annual inspections (simply walking around your home to look closely, from multiple angles, for anything that may needContinue reading “When Is It Time to Replace Your Siding?”

6 Steps to Winterizing Your Roof

Winter is approaching, and it’s essential to prepare your home for the harsh weather conditions that come with it. While many of us focus on insulating pipes, sealing windows, and preparing heating systems, we often forget about an important aspect of winter preparation – our roofs. Your roof is the first line of defense againstContinue reading “6 Steps to Winterizing Your Roof”

5 Steps for Preparing Your Gutters for Fall

We have seen the last summer days, and fall is just around the corner. With the beautiful Minnesota fall colors comes colder temperatures and falling leaves that create more work for you in your home and yard. To prepare your home for the fall and winter elements, one crucial task is cleaning and inspecting yourContinue reading “5 Steps for Preparing Your Gutters for Fall”